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PN-EN 10217-1 Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes in room temperature – line pipes

The pipes are manufactured with the diameters between 17,2 – 2020 mm and with the wall thickness of up to 17,5 mm as spiral or longitudinal welded pipes. For pipes with larger diameters, it is permitted to construct them of more than one section (circumferential seam).

PN-EN 10217-1


Steel grades used P195TR1, P235TR1, P265TR2 P195TR2, P235TR2, P265TR2
Dimensions and tolerances For the outside diameter D219,1 D +/-0,75 % or +/- 6 mm depending on which value is greater. The tolerances applied to wall thickness depend on the wall T For T5 +/-8 % or 2 mm (depending on which value is greater)
Pipe lengths Pipes with precise lengths are manufactured with the following tolerance values: for D406,4- for pipes 0- 6m -0/+25%- for pipes 6-12m -0/+50%- for pipes longer than 12m -0/to be negotiated
Tightness Pipes should be subject to water testing (7Mpa) or electromagnetic testing.
Straightness < 0,0015 of pipe length (below 3mm per every meter of pipe length)
Tests Mandatory tests: ladle analysis, tensile testing, transverse tensile testing of the weld > 508, tightness testing, dimension verification, visual inspection, NDT of the weld
Optional tests: transverse tensile testing of the weld D= 219,1- 508, wall thickness measurement at a distance from pipe ends